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Join the CocoTribe so we can email you updates on stuff you'll probably want to know about, including products, launches, surveys, and events. Enjoy 10% off your first purchase and FREE 200 Cocopoints. Unsubscribe anytime

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What are the benefits of using our Referral program?

Thing is we found that most of the people (good people) choosing to purchase Coconut Matter were referring their gorgeous friends to us. This is such a kind act so we wanted to give it back: now both, you and your friend, will get a $5 voucher discount. Once you place an order, you will receive a link to give to your friend $5 off coupon. We'll send you $5 off coupon when they make a purchase.

What are the benefits of subscribing to our email list?

It's more than salty hair and coconut mood. It's because now you can get a 10% discount off your first purchase and FREE 200?Cocopoints?- we know it’s wild! If you do, you will receive some positive news on your inbox, and we Cocopromise we won’t overwhelm your inbox! Also… consider engaging on our Referral programs to get all the goodness you deserve!

How do I earn Cocopoints?

When you signed up Cocotribe, you earn 200 CocoPoints. When you keep in touch with our Facebook page or Instagram, you earn 50 Cocopoints. For every $1 you spend, you will be awarded 5 Cocopoints. It is that easy!

How do use my Cocopoints?

Two ways - you could either redeem it for shopping credit or for shipping credit. For shopping credit, you earn $1.00 off entire order for every 500 points redeemed. Or you can redeem 3500 points for free shipping.



392 reviews
Amazing feel, scent and effect
Thank you - we are delighted Mood has given you pleasure
Enjoy the moments
Love how you have 'enjoyed the moment', really made us feel so wonderful. When we formulated our deodorants, we want applying deodorant to be more than stopping body odour. Thank you ??
Very good deodorant!
Thank you - making deodorant 'dry and smooth' in hot and humid climate was actually the toughest part in formulating our deodorant! Please check our Deodorant tutorial here on how to use when it is ending. With regards to size, we hear you :)
Lip and Cheek balm
Thank you - we want to make it easy for everyone to say 'no plastic, please'. It is wild now to have so many of you making transition to a zero waste lifestyle with us. In Singapore, it may soften. Melting point is between 42℃ to 52℃.
Love it!
So wonderful to have your support ??